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Main advantages that distinguish us from other VPNs

Data Transmission Protocol

We use proprietary IPSPv3 and AES256 protocol with real-time adaptive security updates to protect users from any threats, including network injection.

Protection Against Any Cyber-Attacks

Our unique defence system is able to protect users from any cyber attacks and also contain minimal DDoS attacks. Enterprise regions are protected against 2 Tbps+ attacks.

Reducing Network Latency

AntaleVPN reduces ping and other network latency (depends on your location and the server you choose).

VPN Protocols

Supported protocols in our application: ShadowSocks, OpenVPN, OpenVPN over Cloak, WireGuard, IKEv2, AmneziaWG (by default).

No logs

AntaleVPN keeps absolutely no logs, this has been verified by many organisations and projects, you can check this yourself if you need to.

VPN operation in private mode from 2021, now available to everyone

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Features and other benefits of the service

Double-sided tunnel

Protection against two-way tunnel detection.

Token protection

All connection tokens are secured with AES256 protocol.

Intra-server cryptography

All servers are strictly protected by IPSPv3 cryptography.

Packet optimisation

We have a packet optimisation system for the Gamer plan.

Network security

Our entire network is protected against any cyber-attacks.


AntaleVPN is accessible from anywhere in the world.


The minimum shared network speed is 500 Mbit/s.

Ping reduction

If possible, a VPN will be able to lower your ping (From Gamer plan).


Proprietary high-speed tunnel servers for network acceleration

Any AntaleVPN plan supports high-speed data transfer through our own secure server tunnels in over 200+ PoP locations.

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What our users are saying

“Excellent service with great variety in customisation, very nice support manager, everything was issued quickly, happy with the service.”

Graphic designer

“I bought the service for work, immediately decided to use Enterprise + Gamer and bought an additional 17 servers, everything was delivered within 5 hours, everything works great, BEST SERVICE! I'm with you for a long time!!!”

App Developer

“Great service, I use the VPN for gaming and surfing in the browser, in gaming I have noticed a significant reduction in ping and everything is much faster, I am now an advertising partner of the service.”

Editor / Effect designer

“Excellent ping in games, lower than usual by 15-20 ms, speed 650 megabits per second, very happy with the product, will be ready to invest in such a service if possible.”


“I bought the service to test it for a month, I liked it, ping is lower and packet transfer is much faster, I am satisfied, I renewed the subscription for a year in advance :))”


“It's unreal, network speed up to 940 megabits per second, reduced latency and 0% packet loss, HUGE THANK YOU for such a service, I will buy a subscription for 3-4 years in advance!”

Rohit Johnson

Servers and hardware of premium quality and security

Our network and equipment consists of premium ASNs and proprietary servers around the world.

External and internal security

The entire AntaleVPN infrastructure is protected by the highest quality IPSPv3 and AES256 protocols.

Traffic offloading

When traffic hits the internet you are completely safe, we encrypt data to the highest security standards.


Get answers to common questions

If you have any additional questions or clarifications about enterprise/normal plans, you can always contact our manager in Telegram.

What VPN protocols does Antale VPN support?

Antale VPN utilizes OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2, ShadowSocks, AmneziaWG, and WireGuard, all with AES-256 encryption. Additionally, it employs its own intra-server security protocol, IPSPv3.

What makes your VPN unique?

Unique server tunneling, reduced latency and ping in games, optimized packet transmission, the highest level of security and high network speed.

Why do I need a separate Enterprise plan?

An Enterprise plan is needed if you want to purchase your own server in a specific country or group of countries with its own Internet network and other gaming/corporate optimization. The price for this service varies from $7 to $20.

Can I buy an additional IP address for a specific region?

Yes, you can purchase additional IP for any region. The price ranges from $4 to $9 monthly for 1 IP, usually the cost is no more than $5 per IP.

Can I buy a VPN server with DDoS protection up to 2 Tbps and higher?

Yes, we provide protection against DDoS attacks with a throughput of 2 Tbps and above, the cost of the service is $15 (Not valid for all regions, we recommend contacting our Telegram manager to clarify this issue).

If the VPN service doesn't have the region I need, can I buy it separately?

Yes, you can buy a single region almost anywhere in the world along with our premium cyber protection and other optimization features. The cost for this service varies from $7 to $40.